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Dual-Sided Mirror Remains Unaffected by Steam For Closer Shaves

Zadro ZDW05 Z’Fogless 3X/1X Telescoping Fogless Shower Mirror
Shaving in the shower has never been easier than it has with the Z’Fogless Shower Mirror. Attach the mirror to your shower in mere minutes. The mirror fits all standard showerheads with a ½” thread. Once installed, the mirror will draw water from the showerhead to ensure the mirror stays fog free throughout the duration of your shower. A miniscule amount of water is drawn, so it won’t affect your shower’s water pressure. The mirror is dual-sided, offering both 3X and 1X magnification. You can extend or adjust the position of the mirror to a location that is most comfortable for you. An accessory holder also makes a convenient place to stow your razor or even toothbrushes when not in use.

  • 3X and 1X magnification
  • Telescoping arm extends from 14 to 19 inches
  • Runs water from the shower head directly to the mirror to fight fog
  • Accessory holder for razors and toothbrushes
  • Hassle-free installation

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