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Have the Optimum Cleaning Technology at Your Finger Tips

Product Title (In box)
The USPA bidet seat features dual self-cleaning spray nozzles and a convenient, easy-to-use remote control with LCD window that allows for simple operation of all its luxurious cleansing and drying functions. The USPA has a warm air dryer, a deodorizer, auto wash and kids functions, heated seat, a constipation relieving IIP constipation relieving IIP (Intensive Impulse Pulsation) enema function, and much more.

Dual Nozzle with IIP

  • Convenient dual nozzle for satisfying posterior wash and soft feminine wash
  • Motor driven nozzle afford more quiet and consistent nozzle movement
  • Aerated bubble is added to water streams for gentler, softer water streams
  • Exclusive IIP, Intensive Impulse Pulsating feature for optimum cleansing

Far Infrared Ray Air Dry

  • Convenient warm air dry with far infrared ray
  • Far infrared ray help dry water faster but keeps moisture on sensitive skin
  • 5 settings for dryer temperature and fan speed

Convenient Wireless Remote

  • Wireless remote with easy to read LCD window
  • Preset and operation buttons are separated for easy identification. Remote is small enough to hold in one hand comfortably and buttons are soft touch buttons with scratch-proof finished surface
  • Remote can be mounted on wall with included mounting brackets or used as handheld

Heated Hydraulic Seat

  • Digital occupied sensor allows safe operation
  • Hydraulic seat and cover allows slow closing. Soft closing is regulated by built in special damper

Quick Release Type

  • The slide installation allows the system to be easily installed and cleaned
  • D.I.Y design and does not require plumber for installation under normal circumstance

Deodorizer and Power Save

  • Active carbonated powerful deodorizer eliminates embarrassing odor
  • Power save mode activates automatically when seat is not used for an hour

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