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Solar Panel that Powers a Lamp’s LEDs as Well as Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

HomeSelects 4212 eLIGHT Solar LED Lamp - Graphite
This lamp is self-sustaining to help you save money by cutting down on your electricity costs and dependence. Instead of relying on electrical connections for power, this solar-powered lamp has a removable panel which stores sunlight to power 3, 1.2 Volt rechargeable batteries for up to 6 hours. The panel can reach a full charge in about 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Because it is not dependent on electrical connections, the lamp is ideal for keeping in the RV for camping or barbequing. The ultra-versatile eLIGHT is also perfect for lighting bedrooms, dorm rooms, or offices with very few electrical outlets. If the lamp is not located near direct sunlight, you can remove and relocate the battery pack and panel to a window or dashboard.

In addition to the removable solar panel, the eLIGHT features a couple other charging methods. Connect the lamp to a computer via USB cable to keep your desk lit while you work. Or use the AC adapter to draw energy from an electrical outlet, if needed. You can even plug in your cell phone, iPod, camera, or other digital device to charge from the battery pack. Remove the battery pack and take it with you to keep your devices charged while on the go. No matter how you choose to use this solar lamp, you can be assured that your energy costs will be cut down since you are harnessing the free power of the sun. Read more

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