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Completely Wireless X10 Remote Control!

Now you can have the lights inside or outside come on at the touch of a button!

X10 RC6500 16-Device X10 Base Unit with Keychain Remote for 2 Devices

There is no need to walk into a dark house or fumbling for the light switch. The small, newly redesigned keychain remote control attaches to your keychain. This tiny (1.5″ wide, 2.2″ long, and .5″ thick) remote control has 4 buttons that controls X10 addresses 1 and 2 or 5 and 6 on any of the 16 house codes. The bottom 2 buttons control the dim and bright of the last unit turned on. The remote includes a replaceable CR2025 Lithium battery.

Install the included base receiver inside your garage or just inside the entrance to your home. The 16-device base unit will receive all 16-unit codes and can be used together with any of the X10 wireless remotes we offer. The base unit has built-in appliance module that responds to the first button on the remote. Plug a lamp or any load up to 500-watts incandescent or 15-amp resistive. Order any X10 receiver module for the other button or order additional receiver modules and dial them to the same code. Imagine, pressing one button and the outside, porch, and interior lights all come on. Read more

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