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Take Control of your Movies, Music, Photos, Web Content and More!

Calrad 95-2010CUBE xLobby Cube Multimedia SystemManage your complete DVD movie collection from the xLobby Cube’s simple to use menu driven interface. Load movies quickly using 3rd party DVD storage software. Find all your content using extensive search tools. Playback all of your standard DVD movies and have it scaled up to 1080P with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

Manage your music collection including CD’s, downloaded MP3 files and any iTunes libraries that are available on your network. The xLobby cube provides several interfaces for navigating your music collection as well as important tools to find the artist and songs your looking for. Create individual play lists or add and mix several play lists to create unique music listening landscapes.

All of your important photos of family, friends, vacations can now be shown in life size HD quality that can easily be searched by image name, date or rating to help you find your specific vacation photo or that favorite moment in time. The desktop Slide show feature can create basic Slide shows or Slide shows with music.

Control the xLobby cube with your iPad. With our simple navigation and volume control screen. Or consider an upgrade to a RF Handheld Keyboard for complete, convenient wireless control. Read more

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