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Taking a trip up to your loft or attic has never been easier!

Not only is this ladder rated for up to 300 pounds, but its Scissor system will lock the attic door into a fully open position, to make sure that it can be used safety. This product is made from high grade metal and wood and features S-like strings that give it a more sophisticated and contemporary look. The S-strings also double as a handrail for you to move up and down the ladder more easily. This ladder can be customized to suit your needs, you can simply add or remove step segments to make the ladder shorter or longer.


Fakro 66820 22 x 47-inch LST Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder

About Fakro
FAKRO is a private company established in Poland in 1991. The company is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing roof window manufacturers in the world. They aim to supply the highest quality products to satisfy the requirements of customers all over the world. They place the highest priority on health and safety, security and the environmental impact of their products and have research and production facilities set up around the world to ensure that there is quality behind their products. Read more

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