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Shibuya crossing

Shibuya crossing

I have to say I was missing my Canon 5DMKII a little bit on my world trip. Especially since my travel companion, +Scott Meinzer has been shooting HDRs on his on a fancy new Gitzo tripod.

My pangs of regret slowly drift away when he gets continually hassled by tourists, locals, and guards. No one notices or cares when you are taking photos with your phone, but you attract every man and his dog with a big fancy dSLR. I can go anywhere and take shots I would normally be yelled at at venues I’d get kicked out of with a dSLR.

I knew certain shots would be challenging on an iPhone, but that’s the whole point of this trip: Taking the best photos with the camera you’ve got. Not everyone has an expensive pro camera, but I believe that you can get great shots with whatever camera you own.

Here’s the video on how I took this shot:

More photos of my trip: http://mostlylisa.com/worldtrip

from Lisa Bettany @ Google+ https://plus.google.com/118418436905562612953

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