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lagoon dreams week #1

lagoon dreams week #1

it’s time to start new theme week — «lagoon dreams week» ! No underwater shots this time, just places dreamy and beautiful from around the world. Today is the picture of wild beach at the Yap Island.

Yap is the most traditional place in Micronesia. There are no big tourism developments — all accommodation is in the form of small family run hotels or cozy diving resorts like my favorite «Manta Ray Bay». All land belongs to the tribes and all big decisions in the country are made by chiefs of these tribes. Yap people still use famous stone money for ritual purchases of land and for wedding related transactions among others. All these makes this place very cultural and unspoiled. To get to this beach for instance we had to ask permission from the chief of the tribe owning that land — but usually such permission is happily granted without problem.

Another thing which contributes at Yap to the paradise feeling — many local women still walking around bare breasted — as tradition dictates 🙂 Oh, yes, and diving is really, really good — Yap is known as the world’s Manta Ray capital.

from Alexander Safonov @ Google+ https://plus.google.com/111095045247360522931

via Николай Русанов, Twitter Nikolay Rusanov, Tumblr Nikolay Rusanov


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