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Additional Receiver to Keep Pets Out of Restricted Areas on Your Property

High Tech Pet Products YBR-1 Yard Barrier Outdoor Wireless Sonic Fence Receiver

  • Widen the scope of off-limit areas for your pet
  • Range is easily adjusted from 1 to 35 feet
  • Water resistant and weatherproof

Expand your Yard Barrier Wireless Sonic Fence system with extra receivers. The receiver can be used indoors or outdoors to keep your dog or cat out of areas considered to be off limits. The receiver should be mounted or placed in an area that is at least two feet off the ground. When your pet gets within range, the receiver sends out signals to the corresponding collars to emit a sonic blast. No shocks are used so you can be sure you are not hurting your pet while you teach them to stay out of restricted areas. The receiver requires one 9-Volt battery (sold separately). Read more

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