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lagoon dreams week #2

lagoon dreams week #2

This jetty image from is Kapalai island on Malaysian Borneo. Kapalai Island is actually not real island anymore — it sunk few decades ago, leaving only small sandbar on the surface and only when tide is low. How is it possible to build diving resort on non-existing island ? Check this official web page of Kapalai diving resort to see how — http://sipadan-kapalai.com/. Whole place consist of stilt bungalows sitting on the top of the shallow reef ! Very unique.

Kapalai is the gateway to majestic Sipadan — island saturated with pelagic and reef life, one of the top diving destinations in the world. High-speed boats bring divers from Kapalai to Sipadan just in 15 minutes. Sipadan itself is fully protected and no accommodation exists anymore on the pristine island — and this is very good thing for the conservation. Especially considering that green sea turtles use it’s beaches for laying eggs ! And once you are tired of Sipadan — you can spend good time looking for amazing macro creatures on Kapalai’s house reef.

from Alexander Safonov @ Google+ https://plus.google.com/111095045247360522931

via Николай Русанов, Twitter Nikolay Rusanov, Tumblr Nikolay Rusanov


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