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Automatically Adjust Light Levels According to Currently Available Amount of Light

Leviton WSCPC-W LevNet RF Self-Powered Wireless Light SensorBuilt-in photo cells make this light sensor completely self-powered. You won’t need to move existing wiring or install additional wiring to power this sensor. And you’ll never have to replace its batteries. The sensor harvests energy from the sun to power itself, enough to continually power itself in up to 48 hours of total darkness. The sensor can be operational after just one minute of charge time. Use this sensor with any LevNet RF or EnOcean receiver to control relays and other switching devices, as well as dimmable devices.

This light sensor assesses the amount of light currently available and adjusts your lighting as necessary. When no light is detected, the sensor will automatically turn on the lights connected to its receivers. If the sensor decides there is ample natural light, it will turn off any connected lights. You can even program the sensor to a dimmable light source and it will dim or brighten the lamp as needed. Designed with energy-savings in mind, this sensor reduces energy usage by making sure lights are not kept on when they aren’t needed. And since the sensor is solar-powered, you will never see an increase in your electricity bill – all you will notice is savings! Read more

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