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Make: Talk 002 – Bob Knetzger, Toy Inventor

Here’s the second episode of MAKE‘s new podcast, Make: Talk! In each episode, I’ll interview one of the makers from the pages of the magazine.

We created Make: Talk to find out about the people who write the how-to articles in MAKE. As you might guess, MAKE’s authors are often as interesting as the projects they build. In Make: Talk, you’ll find out why they make things, how they acquire skills, where they go for inspiration, and what’s on their workbenches.

Our maker this week is Bob Knetzger, MAKE’s “Toy Inventor’s Notebook” columnist.

Marble-MazeBob’s a designer, inventor, and the co-founder of Neotoy in Kirkland, Washington. Bob’s designed hundreds of toys and games for companies like Mattel, Hasbro, Simon and Schuster, and CBS. He’s designed and invented everything from cereal box toys, to educational software, to games. His creations have been seen on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, and ABC’s Nightline.

See videos of Bob’s collection of “groovy” mechanical sound players.

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