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Send Wireless Signals to Components Up to 1000 Feet Away

RF Link DAV-2450 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Video SenderSend video and audio signals up to 1000 feet wirelessly with this 2.4GHz Digital Wireless A/V Sender. Installation is simple: just plug in the source and destination devices, plug in the power adapters, “pair” the transmitter and receiver to each other, and you’re finished. Supports hi-res video up to 720i, at frame rates up to 30 fps. Use this system to connect a surveillance camera to a DVR without stringing wires all through the house or any other application requiring the source and display or recorder to be widely separated. Comes with AC power supplies and BNC to RCA adapters.

  • High D1 resolution transmits crystal clear video without messy cables
  • High photo frame rate brings smooth wireless video reception
  • Security ID coded communication ensures privacy
  • Digital wireless technology avoids interference
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Supports NTSC and PAL video formats

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