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Art Hack Day in Brooklyn

I’ve been looking forward to Art Hack Day for many months now, and it’s finally here this weekend in Brooklyn! For the 50+ artist/hacker participants it’s actually a 3-day long “happening” of collective creativity and DIY expression that will culminate at 7pm on Saturday, January 28th, with a public exhibition of all of their fabrications. Attempting to make transparent the process of creating art, “with special reverence toward open-source technologies,” visitors are invited to interact with the participants during the event online. I hope to swing by before the opening to catch a sneak peek of what they’re building, so stay tuned for some photos if you’re out of town, or I hope to see you there this Saturday!

Art Hack Day
319 Scholes Street, Brooklyn
Exhibition: Saturday, January 28, 7 – 10 PM

via Николай Русанов, Twitter Nikolay Rusanov, Tumblr Nikolay Rusanov


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