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Luxury Headphones with Professional Sound Quality and Exceptionally Comfortable Construction Designed by 50 Cent

SMS Audio SMS-WD-BLK STREET by 50 Over-Ear Wired Headphones - BlackBring studio quality sounds with you to the streets. Developed by international recording artist Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, these headphones feature enhanced bass and professionally tuned 40mm drivers. The 3.5mm cable includes a built-in microphone with audio control that easily detaches for tangle-free transport, storage, and use. Soft memory foam cushioned earpads allow for a comfortable ride no matter where your music takes you. The professional sound makes these headphones perfect for recording in the studio, while its luxurious style makes them great for wandering around the city. Built to last, the STREET by 50 headphones are constructed of a flexible and durable headband and includes a carrying case and cleaning cloth to keep the headphones looking sharp.

Hands on Research
If you are anything like me, you have to have music with you where ever you go. I listen to all different platforms of music from Classic Rock, Rock, Punk, Reggae, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and Rap and have been using these headphones to enjoy all of them. The passive noise isolation offered by the STREET do a great job in keeping the music in (even when cranked up to 11) and the cluttered noise of the outside world out. The bass hits well and the voice of each artist I have listened to are very clear and smooth. Aesthetically, I prefer these headphones versus it’s competitors because they take a simple yet somewhat flashy approach. The STREET headphones come in a flat black or blue with gloss accents with a stylish S on each can. The head band and each ear can is lined with a very comfortable padding and covered with an extremely soft fabric. If you are as much of a fan of music as I am, you can’t go wrong with these headphones.
Keith M. – Smarthome Product Testing

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