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Manage Power Used by Peripherals Based on the Current Operational State of the Connected Computer

Embertec ECUSPC-ET-01 EmberCeptor Power Saving Device, Computer SeriesWhen your computer is turned off, your connected peripheral equipment might still be using power. And when your computer is hibernating or in standby mode, it wastes significant amounts of power, even if not being actively used. All this wasted power could end up costing you hundreds of dollars each year! The EmberCeptor offers the perfect solution. Affordable and effective, the EmberCeptor determines whether peripherals are needed or not and automatically switches them on or off as needed. Should your computer be turned off or switch into standby mode, all power will be removed from the peripherals until the computer is actively being used again.

The EmberCeptor is so easy to use. Simply plug your computer power cable into the dedicated “Computer Only” plug. Connect your peripherals, including monitors, speakers, printers, lamps, and more into the “Power Saving” plug. Then, connect the EmberCeptor into a standard AC outlet. Use for any computer application – desktop, laptop, or netbook. Surge protection is also offered via the EmberCeptor to extend the life of your appliances. The EmberCeptor also reduces fire risk and carbon dioxide emissions. A convenient hook on the end of the EmberCeptor provides a clean and convenient way to store the unit behind your desk. Read more

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