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underwater paparazzi week #1

underwater paparazzi week #1

This theme is very special for me — exploring interaction of divers and marine life is one of the most rewarding and spectacular subjects.

Diving for me is all about getting very very close to the animals, which is not possible at this extent overland. Nothing beats becoming one with nature and capturing these magic moments, freezing incredible dance into otherworldly, «wow!» stills — while keeping images themselves truthful representation of reality — I don’t need to beautify something in Photoshop to look like fantasy world — world I love and share is magic enough without it ! ^_^

So I want to show more of working moments between photographers and animals underwater — underwater paparazzi and underwater celebrities ! ^_^

Today’s celebrity is napoleon wrasse living at Maaya Thila dive site in Maldives. He is really friendly and easy to photograph — even for beginners like my brother +Alexey Safonov — even with small compact cameras !

Napoleon wrasses — biggest reef fish in the world — are badly endangered due to popularity of their lips in various Asian medicines — lips are considered powerful afrodisiac. Reproduction cycle is extremely slow and even if they are protected now in many places — it takes very long time for population to recover.

I love photo critique — I believe that in order to get better you have to understand direction, and to understand direction you need to develop view on what are desirable properties of photography, what makes them good and valuable. This is why I joined +Behind the Lens: Photo Critique Group created by +Colby Brown, whom gained a lot of my respect via his photography work and community initiatives — he is real deal. I plan to contribute critique in the framework of this group — and I definitely would like to hear opinions — both positive and negative — and even extreme ones — I don’t mind at all — about my own work ! So I add this tag here for this purpose — #BTLcritique

from Alexander Safonov @ Google+ https://plus.google.com/111095045247360522931

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