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First and only tool to combine a utility knife with a wire cutter, stripper and crimper

RAPID TOOLS RAPID SHARK Heavy-duty Cutting carpet, drywall, nylon rope and asphalt shingles requires the right tool for the job; so does cutting, stripping and crimping wire for that matter. You can forget about those old utility knives with hard to grip holders and cheap blades that dull and break after only a couple uses, and forget about buying a separate wire stripping tool. The RAPID TOOLS RAPID SHARK Heavy-duty “BIG BITE” Combination Utility Knife is two tools in one, a utility knife and a wire cutter/stripper/crimper. It features rugged, professional-grade construction with a comfortable ergonomic grip. It uses RAPID TOOLS own patented RAPID EDGE serrated blades that are built to last. The blades withstand longer use because the cutting friction is handled by five individual cutting surfaces; other blades only have one straight edge. Slide’n’Lock technology allows you to adjust the amount of the blade that is exposed for precise cutting. Extra blades can be stored within the holder and a quick change design allows you to efficiently remove an old blade and replace it with a new one. When you’re ready to work with wire, a spring-loaded wire cutter opens easily and cuts comfortably, which locks securely into the body of the knife when your done. The precision ground stripping holes easily remove insulation from thick 6 to 12 gauge wires. Whether you’re a casual DIYer or a professional, this tool is a must-have for everyone; it will assist you in getting the job done faster, safer and easier. Read more

via Николай Русанов, Twitter Nikolay Rusanov, Tumblr Nikolay Rusanov


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