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my daily inspiration !

my daily inspiration !
less is really more.
photographer +Michael Deppisch
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This is an Image taken on the Ballon d’Alsace in Eastern France.
I have been waiting impatiently for the last two months for the snow to fall here in Eastern France where i live, but we have had just a few centimeters in the last couple of months, and it lasted only a day or two.
So i decided to take a 1 hour drive east and ended up on the Ballon d’Alsace at 1,230 metres altitude, and is an area with a lot of winter sports, skiing, luge, etc.
So i was in heaven, for someone who loves shooting in the snow.
The weather was mild, around -3°c, but with a lot of mist, so i’ll be posting a few images from this weekend over the next few days.
I visited the same place the weekend before and the weather was a lot colder with — 7°C with 50 — 60 kph winds, and all next week the forecast is for -10°C -15°C with snow as low as 300 metres, so i’ll be back on the Ballon d’Alsace next weekend too to get my fix of Snowscapes. : ))
Contribution to #MonochromeMonday, curated by +Siddharth Pandit

from Victor Bezrukov @ Google+ https://plus.google.com/101035196437264488455

via Николай Русанов, Twitter Nikolay Rusanov, Tumblr Nikolay Rusanov

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